If you are looking for a fun night out, I highly recommend Howl at the Moon. It is located on International Drive next to Hooters.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Hooters and have some Daytona Wings and then go over to Howl at the Moon and participate in the activities. Here is how it works. It is a dueling piano bar, and the talent there is amazing.

If you have never been to a dueling piano bar, usually there are two pianos on stage what face each other, and the pianists are responsible for leading songs….and leading they do. I have been told that in order to work there as a professional pianist, you have to know 1,000 songs from memory.

This place gets rocking and the artists are so talented they actually don’t “just” play the piano at Howl at the Moon, they also play guitars, drums and even instruments I have never seen before. It is so much fun and they have a full bar. So any drink you want, you can get.

You can also bring guests for bachelor or bachelorette parties. They have a knack for embarrassing them to death. ;-) It’s fantastic. You can also put in your request for your favorite songs to be played. They also lead the crowd in games. What I have really enjoyed seeing is the people who love to sing along and dance. Before long everyone is feeling pretty good and having a great time. They offer preferred parking so it doesn’t have to be a nightmare getting in and out. I think in all of my trips there I have used VIP parking once.

Thanks for tuning in on all things International Drive. We hope you get a chance to visit Howl at the Moon and enjoy great times.